Cobra CPI 890 800/1600 Watt Professional Power Inverter


Cobra CPI 890 800/1600 Watt Professional Power Inverter

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The CPI 890 is a compact 800 Watt power inverter. This inverter provides 800 Watts continuous and 1600 Watts peak household power on the go.

It converts battery power to a 120 V AC household power outlet, allowing you to power up office equipment and household appliances that draw up to 800 watts from your car, truck, RV or boat. It also includes a 2.1 Amp USB output, ideal for using and charging most small video games, tablets, mp3 players, mobile phones, and many more USB powered devices. The unit includes direct-to-battery cables.


  • 800 Watts continuous power – 1600 Watts peak power.
  • 2 grounded AC outlets – Powers up to two household appliances.
  • 2.1A USB port – Charge mp3 players, smart phones, tablets and many other USB-powered devices.
  • Direct-to-battery cables included – Provides power directly from vehicle battery.
  • Pentagon Protection™ – 5 levels of protection against failures: thermal shutdown, reverse polarity protection, over-voltage shutdown, low voltage shutdown and low voltage alarm.


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