Galaxy DX-99V2 Mobile 10mtr Amateur Radio

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Galaxy DX-99V2 Mobile Amateur Radio

Quick Overview

The new DX99V2 is the only Galaxy all mode mobile radio – it operates on AM/FM/LSB/USB.
With dual MOSFET finals (instead of four or eight finals) the DX99V2 draws less than 10 amps and can be hooked up anywhere a standard radio is wired – no special heavy gauge wiring is required. The front mic jack allows this radio to fit into tighter spaces than the original version.
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While the features are essentially the same as the classic DX99V, it has a few significant upgrades:

• High performance main circuit board (same as the one used in the DX98VHP) provides increased frequencystability and accuracy for sideband, as well asincreased sensitivity and selectivity on receive

• Streamlined Chassis with Front Mic Jack
• Blue LED Channel and Frequency Digits
• Automatic SWR circuit
• Talkback circuit with on /off switch
• Red Modulation Lamp
• Echo and Voice Changer, but no Robot
• Extended Three Year Limited Warranty

10 Meter Radios are intended for use by amateur radio operators only. A license from the FCC is required.
• 10 Meter Radios come with a warranty from their respective manufacturer. Returns are not accepted at Radio Dr.


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