Uniden PRO 520XL Compact Mobile CB Radio – Factory Refurbished

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Uniden PRO 520XL Compact Mobile CB Radio – Factory Refurbished


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* Compact Size – The PRO 520XL is small enough to fit almost anywhere. Superior engineering and micro-electronics ensure the same quality and performance of larger units
* Microphone – Connect the rugged, professional quality microphone included with unit
* Channel 9 – One switch gives instant access to the emergency channel 9
* S/RF Meter – An accurate 4 segment LED meter shows the signal strength of the receiver and transmitter
* TX LED – Lights to indicate when the unit is transmitting
* Channel Display – A large LED display shows the current channel in use
* Channel Selector – An oversize channel knob makes it easy to select any of the forty (40) channels
* RF Gain – Adjust the sensitivity of the receiver for strong or weak signals
* Squelch Control – Adjust the threshold of the receiver to eliminate background noise whenever a transmission is not being received
* Volume Control – Turn the unit on or off and adjust the volume
* PA Switch – Select the Public Address mode if an external PA speaker is installed (not included)
* ANL Switch – The automatic noise limiter helps reduce unwanted noise for better reception
* Mounting Bracket – All mounting hardware is included for most any installation


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